• Dr. Garima Singh MBBS

We at VIVEK TECHNO SCHOOL, aim at providing all round education from pre-primary to professional level to shape worthy leaders of India as diligent doctors, efficient engineers, benevolent bureaucrats, argumentative advocates, seasoned citizens and human beings. Our goal at VIVEK TECHNO is to ignite the minds to love science and to strive for prosperous India. The pre-primary section at VIVEK TECHNO aims at developing emotional poise, fearless temperament, sound moral character, healthy habits and positive social skills. The primary section, in addition, focuses on developing hand writing, phonetics, language and concepts. At the high school & secondary level, focus shifts to career building through learning science, maths and logical thinking, coaching child to choose and work towards achieving career. At VIVEK TECHNO every teaching period is followed by class work practice under the guidance of a mentor for every 15 children, so as to achieve optimum performance. A proper education would help nurture a sense of dignity and self respect among our youth. When the child grows up, he/she will be national leader of quality and integrity in every field including the science, technology and industry. The Vivek Techno students with their innovative approach would give India a new stature in the world. They will use their skills to develop health care, tele-medicine, and generate skills for e-governance and tele education. I hope they will transform the nation into a knowledge society with IT as the linking tool.