School Life

It's a time when young minds are nurtured, and they explore various subjects, hobbies, and interests !!!


It's essential to recognize that academic achievement is just one aspect of a well-rounded education!!!


Our faculty is our USP. We are glad to have the best and highly qualified teachers with us!!!


Take a sneek peek into the flourishing environment of Vivek Techno School, Nagaur!!!

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Vivek Techno School

Our Vision and Mission

Vision – To be a world class school that provides best of the education in the formative years by blending culture and spiritualism with modern technological concepts and scientific ideas

Mission – To provide an environment of love, kindness, discipline and scientific temperament to the students to shape them into a good human beings, wise citizens and successful householders

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Education Centralized

With Vivek Techno School. our aim is to create a learning environment that makes every student ready for the real hustle. With best in class techniques, and effective management system, we ensure that every student gets priority and learns the best. With academic plans that target student growth and guarantees rapid learning, we offer some amazing features that makes our students stand out.


Recent Activities

Schools often host a variety of fun activities that aim to enhance the educational experience, foster community, and provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and talents. Here are some popular fun activities that schools might organize.

These activities not only make school life enjoyable but also help students develop important social and emotional skills, build friendships, and create a supportive school community.

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Our Institutions

Share several core features that contribute to their success and reputation.

The aim of the institution is to make its pupils cultured and useful members of society. When they enter the world they should be able to take an active interest in the betterment of their homes and community and when they grow up, they should be able to fit themselves usefully into the world of tomorrow.

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